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Inspiration, travel & exploration

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New #blogpost: Morning walk along the #RiverOtter in #Devon + a delicious breakfast at @ottertonmill.

Last Monday morning, the sun was out and the tide was high – it was the perfect time for a morning walk along the River Otter. It was an unusually beautiful morning. The birds were singing, the flowers were blossoming, and the monkey was making a…

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How to celebrate a double belated birthday! #blogpost #restaurantreview #chiquito #belatedbirthday

It is never too late to celebrate a belated birthday! My birthday was back in April, and I celebrated it with my family when they were here. They surprised me with a party and a meal out just after our Easter Eggstravaganza at Killerton! In the evening,…

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11 ways to help you chill out #relaxation #thursdaythoughts #blogpost

Chill out! Easier said than done, isn’t it? I haven’t been getting much sleep lately. I fall asleep late and wake up early, it’s a catch-22 (which is a great book, by the way). My friend reckons Mercury retrograde is to blame. Let’s hope she’s right – in…

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The #weekend is nearly here, but all you fancy is a #lazyeveningin? Check out this soothing #spotify #playlist!

The weekend is very nearly here, and I have a lot of activities lined up – a bit too many, actually – and all I really fancy is a lazy evening in. My comfy chair, a blanket, my cuddlebug of a monkey, a good book, lit candles, a cup of tea or two and –…

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English bluebells: the ethereal beauty of spring. New #blogpost from #BlackburyCamp in #Devon.

The admiration of the first English bluebells of spring is the closest British equivalent of hanami in Japan and leaf peeping in the US. There is something so fragile and fleeting about their delicate flowers! The ethereal beauty of blue forest…

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#Easter Eggstravaganza & Family Fun at @ntkillerton in #Devon

Last Easter, I jetted off to Norway to surprise my mum and my twin nieces for their big birthday. (They share the same date.) This year, my family came to visit me. My nieces are real tight with the Norwegian Easter Bunny, who had been in touch with his…

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Visiting #Norway? 12 facts you need to know about #Norwegians. #travel #visitnorway #scandinavia

Are you visiting Norway, the land of mountains, fjords, strange vowels and midnight sun? Here are a few things you should know about Norwegians before you get there… 1/ Norwegians are panoramically spoiled. I grew up there, but whenever I’m…

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Exeter Mini Break: How to have fun in your own city

Sometimes (like the times when you’ve been binge-watching the vowelicious Richard Ayoade in Travel Man on 4oD), you really, really feel like going on a mini break. Like really. However, mini breaks require dog sitters, taking time off work (a mini break…

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No-cook #oatmeal in 5 easy steps - my favourite new #breakfast! :-D #porridge #oats #porridgeoats #food #foodie #yum

Oatmeal porridge with no cooking involved – can it be true? You betcha – and this is how you make it! Oats is a super nutritious grain. First of all, it is packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. In addition, oats can help reduce LDL cholesterol…

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New #blogpost: Nostalgic notes from #Norway. #travel #photography

For some reason I can’t quite grasp, I always seem to travel to Norway in the depths of winter. This trip was no exception, but fortunately it felt more like autumn as there was no snow on the ground and no colder than -5°C or so, even in the evenings.…
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