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'Hard to overstate' impact of Brian Day's extra-billing challenge, doctors say.
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Exactly the conditions Stephen Harper and his buddies in private medicine want.
Cut the system so it can't properly serve Canadians.. so those who can pay get to secure treatment by paying for it thus eroding our public system.
People suffer BECAUSE the system has been chronically underfunded.
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Nick Mack

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Foreign workers recruited from Belize are accusing McDonald’s Canada of treating them like ‘slaves,' by effectively forcing them to share an expensive apartment – then deducting almost half their take-home pay as rent.
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Nick Mack

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The list of organizations and individuals that the NSA illegally spied on grows. New revelations by Edward Snowden indicate that the NSA monitored communications of prominent human rights organizations and activists. What effect do you think these dragnet operations had on human rights groups?
Whistleblower tells Council of Europe NSA deliberately snooped on groups such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International
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McDonald's foreign workers call it 'slavery'

Foreign workers recruited from Belize are accusing McDonald’s Canada of treating them like ‘slaves,' by effectively forcing them to share an

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The Conservative government has shelled out more than $30 million in severance and separation payments to departing political staffers since

Digital Privacy Act A ‘Stunning' Attack On Privacy: Critics

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Police raid home of man PMO endorsed to head Montreal port: reports | To...

Reports say police are executing a search warrant at the suburban house of ex-Montreal city manager Robert Abdallah, who was once the prefer

McDonald's accused of favouring foreign workers

McDonald’s is under federal investigation for possible abuses of the Temporary Foreign Worker program at a franchise outlet in B.C.

BCCLA files new suit over cell phone spying

The BC Civil Liberties Association has filed a second lawsuit against a federal agency. It is seeking to address the constitutionality of ce

Make the Fair Elections Act Actually Fair | Democracy Watch

The federal Conservatives have proposed a new “Fair Elections Act” (Bill C-23). The problem is the bill will make federal elections more unf

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Big Wireless All Raise Prices By Same Amount, At Same Time

Canada’s big three wireless carriers all raised the prices for their monthly plans this weekend. All of them raised prices by $5, and all th

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Ate here a few years ago. Excellent food & very friendly staff - would recommend
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If you enjoy being lied to and have days to kill, this is the shop for you. Complete waste of time dealing with these guys. Possibly the worst business not just in Quebec, but in Canada.
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Beautiful views & excellent hiking trails. Many informative areas about the geology and history of the park. Recommend: Champlain Lookout
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Some of the best deep fried pepperoni in the Maritimes. I love the Knot!
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