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Hindi Poem: कुछ मुकम्मल सा....
कुछ मुकम्मल सा... =========== कहा न ! आप खुश हो नहीं सकते बगैर इजाज़त के मेरी   यह फरमान है मेरा , समझे ? मियां ! क्या ख़बर ? बहुत खुश लगते हो, सुबह-सुबह ज़रा मुझे भी तो पता चले ! रख कर रूमाल मूंह पर, रात में सोना अब ज़रूरी हो गया क्या पता , सपनों में बवाल मच ज...

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Among Dear Little Doves
Dear Little Doves   (Translated from my Hindi Story, कबूतरों के साथ )   Finally an
incurable disease afflicted him like an inexpiable black curse. So deadly was
the disease that even one would not like one’s sworn enemy to be diagnosed
of that. Who is...

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सूबेदार और ज़मींदार
सूबेदार और ज़मींदार ============ श्रीमान्‌
भारतेन्दु वहिदार आख़िर में अपने राज्य में आ ही गए। अपनी पैंतीस साल की नौकरी के
दौरान उन्होंने अपने राज्य के सिवा और कई जगहों में काम किया , पर वे इतने खुशनसीब न थे कि इससे पहले अपने राज्य
में किसी पद पर काम कर सकें। ...

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And Then a Fine Morning
And Then a Fine Morning ------------------------------------ This is a story I wrote while I was at Calicut some 12 years ago. It was on 18-6-2004 to be precise. While writing it I got anecdotal but as I finished it, I refused to discard it. I convinced mys...

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The Bulbul: A Serenade
---------------------------------------------------- Seventeen years down the line I'm still writing. My best is yet to come. It's only too elusive. Anyway old grapes are the currants of today..not stale but something to wistfully savour. As I go back and a...

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------------------------------------------ This is a story that I wrote in the last millennium, some seventeen years ago to be precise. I still like it. Happy to include in my blog, though a long one. Happy reading. ---------------------------------------...

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कल रात
------------------------------------------------- कल रात जो खुशबू मेरी बगल हो कर गुजर गया वह नरगिस का ही था, निसंदेह, वह स्वयं नरगिस ही होगी फिर पता नहीं     उसे पहचानने में आखिर गलती क्यों हो गई । कल रात अचानक ख्याल आया अपने घर की सफाई कर लूँ फ़ेंक दूँ सारे...

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The Door is Ajar
============ The door is ajar Whetting my urge To peep inside, or To slam it shut for
good And lament for a
lifetime. I can imagine what’s there
inside A fragrance that I’d
ever relish Redolent of many things: A wild rose atop an unreachable
rock, An incens...

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From Lord Padmanabhaswamy to the Benefits of Rubbing Nails
That was the day of Janamashtami and
I was visiting Lord Padmanabhaswamy temple early in the morning. Oh yes,
Janmastami or the eighth day after the full moon in the solar month of Leo when
the stellar sign is Rohini is a very auspicious day, one that is ea...

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God is Fast Asleep
God is Fast Asleep ================ Shhh....... God is fast asleep— Unable to recall What made Him bestow So much on one And so miniscule on the others, Glisten, the green fronds Awash with the maiden showers, The waves lap against the shores to return requ...
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