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A heathen will kill a pagan no matter how close in costume to save theirs.

When you die your ash is taken on the wind your breath becomes the air that someone breaths and whatever you own is no longer yours. The land you lived on no longer becomes yours and the work you put into the land no longer matters. In reality no one owns the land once dead so why hold on to the idea of giving over the land.

If you negate the bad you negate the arm.
If you negate logic you negate the head.
If you negate love you negate the heart.
All things bound in the sphere of polarity nothing is left behind.

I have formed a group called Trying please check it out for further details.

Question is divine bloodline for landownership valid?

Their was a discussion on a pagan page about divine bloodline is it valid?

A topic of conversation in a pagan group on facebook is divine bloodline really valid?

We need a group to protect the pagan diaspora.

when the world becomes polar go more towards reality and logic. sacrifice to nature even they are willing to ignore the invader.

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