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Migraine Specialist Anchorage, Alaska

"Do you get migraines, and want to get rid of them? Are you looking for natural migraine relief without drugs or surgery? Do you have a history of head or neck trauma from accidents or injuries? If you answered yes to all these questions, keep reading."

#Medication #Headache #Migraine

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The Vicious Cycle of Medication Overuse Headaches

"The BBC is reporting that up to a million people in the have "completely preventable" severe headaches caused by taking too many painkillers, doctors have said."

#Medication #Headache #Migraine

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Migraine Headaches and Neck Injuries

"for some, migraines are simply a symptom of an upper neck injury... There are so many numerous ways for such an injury to occur. The symptoms may not have come on for quite some time after the injury, thus making it difficult to identify the original injury as the problem."

#UpperCervicalAnchorage #AnchorageChiropractor #AnchorageMigraines #AnchorageHeadaches

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Have you had a great experience with Dr. Pairmore or Dr. Young and the Synergy Chiropractic Team?

"Let us know by leaving us review on our Facebook page. "

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What Are Common Causes of Migraines and Blurred Vision?

How can you treat them in a natural way? Read on to learn more.

#Migraine #Headache #BlurredVision

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Natural Relief for Migraines and Seizures

"Recently the Journal of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research had a very interesting case study that discussed the impact of an upper neck misalignment on the brain."

#Migraine #Headache #Seizures

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The Healing Process after Whiplash

"...we understand that wanting to take control of your pain, before it takes control of you, and actually taking the steps to overcome it, are two different things. That's why we want to give you some practical things you can do to reduce that pain of your whiplash."

#Whiplash #CarAccident #SpineAlignment

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Pharmaceutical Companies' Lies about Migraines

"When pharmaceutical companies see the rise of a health problem, they go to work trying to find a way to capitalize on that problem...Though, what those commercials won't tell you is that there is no medication that will cure migraines."

#Medication #Migraines #Headache

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What One’s Posture Indicates About the Future

"Whether or not a person has a healthy spine and correct posture can indicate if he may need nursing home care or other assistance as he ages."

#SynergyChiropractic #PairmoreAndYoung #UpperCervicalAnchorage #AnchorageChiropractor #AnchorageNeckStrain

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Shoulder Pain—Looking for the Underlying Causes

"Sometimes shoulder pain may lie in wait for quite some time. A person may be completely unaware that an injury has occurred. Then pain suddenly springs up out of the blue. Many just decide shoulder pain is a part of aging and ignore the problem, at least until it becomes too painful to ignore."

#SynergyChiropractic #PairmoreAndYoung #UpperCervicalAnchorage #AnchorageShoulderPain
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