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Ahmed Quraishi
A journalist, academic and a lobbyist. Focused on Pakistan public policy issues.
A journalist, academic and a lobbyist. Focused on Pakistan public policy issues.

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My colleagues at #NeoNews, they supported me, they backed me. I get emotional. #At_Q #WeAreNeo

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Pakistani TV journalists should demand a professional, neutral PEMRA chairman. #At_Q #WeAreNeo #NeoNews

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PEMRA is important. We need to de-politicize it. This is why Absar Alam has to go. #At_Q #WeAreNeo #NeoNews

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I defended the Judiciary & showed Govt silence on attacks on a judge. #At_Q #WeAreNeo #NeoNews

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I speak in the open. They work in the dark. #At_Q #WeAreNeo #NeoNews

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I talk #Kashmir in #Pakistan, and I get shutdown. Twice. Strange, but true.

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My video message in #Urdu: Whos trying to silence my TV show in #Pakistan?

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A video clip of my speech at #UN #Geneva; urgent appeal on assassinations in #Kashmir

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Testimonial of a #Pakistani #Baloch girl participating in the #AzadiSquare protest in #Islamabad 
[Testimonial on #AzadiSquare Movement by Sajida Baloch]

Another day comes to an end at Azadi Sqaure and I come back home feeling satisfied that I am part of this Azadi Movement, the movement which is going to change Pakistan forever for me and my coming generations.

Like many, I have been supporting Imran Khan since childhood. I remember when I was a child and used to mimic Imran Khan’s speech in front of my family. I still remember when I used to tell them that only brave leader Imran Khan is going to save Pakistan and think for its betterment. Many of them used to mock me that I am supporting a party who can never form government but I always used to believe in my captain. 30th October, 2011 was one of the happiest days of my life when my captain was accepted as a major political force by everyone in country. Party kept growing; my belief in him kept getting stronger. I saw him doing party elections, giving party tickets, best election campaign ever and then unfortunately falling down. I attended the final Jalsa in Islamabad on 9th May night and voted for Bat on 11th May, 2013 for our dreams to be fulfilled.

NA48 got vacant and my most favorite PTI leader Asad Umar was candidate from here. I campaigned for him and when he won I was really happy that he will represent me in national assembly. Next few months, as the evidence kept emerging, we came to know how this election was most rigged election in Pakistan’s history. Imran Khan tried to get justice from election tribunals, ECP, parliament and SCP. When all failed, he started public gatherings and finally he announced the Azadi March towards Islamabad on 14th August, 2014, my very own city. Excitement and passion reached peak high waiting for the day. On 14th August, he left Lahore. We kept waiting for him here in Islamabad and Imran Khan after getting historic welcomes in different cities on his way reached Islamabad between 15th and 16th August, night. Probably for the first time in Pakistan’s history, a leader delivered speech at Fajar time in full rain. 

The last 65 days of the longest Sit-In of World’s history has changed Pakistan forever. I go to the Azadi Dharna at least 4 or 5 times a week. Every day, I go to my job in morning and the events of previous night and the coming night keeps on exciting me. I come back from my work in the evening and start getting ready to go to Azadi Square. One day I wear caps and bands, the other day I wear Imran Khan’s kurta and some other day I wear red and green color. Most special are the weekends when majority of Islamabad and Rawalpindi is there. The separate enclosure for women at the Dharna makes it really comfortable for all of us to come daily and feel like a family. I have met many of my friends from twitter at the Azadi Square. Security team of PTI does a wonderful job there. We have celebrated women’s day, 50 days anniversary, youth day and even Eid here. Announcements of Faisal Javed Khan, speeches of Murad Saeed, Sheikh Rasheed, Shah Mahmood Qureshi and different PTI leaders keep the atmosphere full of passion. Dj Butt and PTI anthems keep me and the crowd charged. Every day after work and attending Dharna, I get tired but the speeches and stamina of Imran Khan keeps me and thousands other fresh.

All these 65 days, I have seen Imran Khan leading us all from the front. From his first speech in Rain at fajar time to the youth day with all the social media volunteers, he has always been with us. I can never forget him sleeping at the top of container, getting wet in heavy rains, roaming around Azadi town among his supporters and doing daily speeches inspiring thousands at the site and millions around Pakistan. I can never forget the day when he led us to Parade Avenue speaking to all of us from top of the container. I can never forget when he took tear gas shelling along with all his supporters. His birthday and Eid celebrations with us will be part of my memory always. Despite all the criticism from opponents, has has been consistent on his stance for Insaf during the last 18 years. 

Today, he is stronger than ever. His message keeps on going everywhere and I have seen myself increasing people at Azadi Sqaure from all over Pakistan. I even met celebrities joining Imran Khan’s message especially mentionable are Hamza Ali Abbasi and Bilal Lashari. Despite all the criticism on women from our opponents, the women of Pakistan and especially Islamabad are standing with him stronger than ever. His belief in the women of Pakistan and that they are main part of this revolution makes us stronger and stronger. His belief in Allah makes me believe in him more and more. His teachings about speaking truth, being fearless, selfless and always standing with justice is making us all one nation. Status Quo is already feeling the pressure and that time is not far away when Imran Khan will take all these wickets. 

These 65 and coming days of Azadi Dharna will be part of my life always. I am so used to all this now. Sometimes I think that when “Go Nawaz Go” happens, what will be my activity in the evening? But then I see at the larger picture. Every night, when I come back home, I sleep with a relaxed mind, a happy mind. I tell myself that I am part of the movement which is changing Pakistan for generations to come. I tell myself that I am citizen of Islamabad. A city which was called dead is now the city where history is being written. Sometimes I get hopeless but when the tune of “Go Nawaz Go” comes in my mind, I smile and say “BuruNawazBuru” in Balochi language and sleep peacefully for a next exciting day at Azadi Square. 

Sajida Baloch
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