A "dash" of humor

I was lucky enough to attend the wedding of two very dear friends during my recent trip to the US.  On the day of the wedding, we all went out to take the wedding photographs (not by me, I was one of the groomsmen) at where I think was called Valley Forge park.  

After the group photos, the bride and groom stayed behind with the wedding photographer while the groomsmen and bridesmaids went back to the car to stay cool (it was a pretty warm day!).  

As we were watching them walk around, suddenly this jogger came out of nowhere.  I don't think he even noticed that there was a shoot happening until the last minute because he swerved aside onto the grass abruptly for a bit before returning to the path once he'd passed my friends.  

Luckily I had camera in hand (of course!), and I grabbed a few frames.  This was my favorite of the bunch and I thought it a fun choice for my #creative366project  entry.  :)

Definitely a fun memory, and a wonderful day.  :)
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