Final batch for a while

With these photos, I've caught up to June 9th of the #creative366project  entries.  Unfortunately, these will be the last uploads from me for the next couple of weeks since I'll be flying to Singapore for work and though I'll still be taking pictures, I don't think I'll have a chance to upload much (if anything) until I get back around the middle of July, (and G+ interaction from my part will be fairly minimal/low during this time).

Still, I'll keep clicking away, and eventually I'll catch up with the uploads too! :P

Today's the day for the for the #G+AnniversaryTokyo photowalk!  Looking forward to seeing a whole bunch of people there, and though I personally won't be able to upload much (if anything) of the photowalk until I get back from my trip (I fly out early tomorrow morning so I won't have time to go through the pictures I'll take today), do be sure to check out the hashtags for all of the entries from Japan!  :D

Have a good weekend all!!

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