Tokyo's First Snow of 2013 - January 14

I hadn't planned to go out today at all... well, ok, I had made plans last week to meet up with a few G+ friends to shoot the "Coming of Age" activities today, but when I woke up, it was pouring rain so we canceled the photowalk.

I fully expected to stay home and go through my backlog when I got a call from +Claire SK , telling me that it was snowing!  I jumped up and pulled open the curtains... only to find that it was still raining in my part of town.  However, sure enough, an hour later I peeked out again and snow was coming down like the dickens.

I decided to revisit my earlier plan, and head out to Meiji Jingu shrine again to see what I could see.

Unfortunately, I only spotted a couple of ladies in the traditional kimono garb (and only got one of them in a photo because they were definitely NOT standing around in that weather), but it was still a pretty cool walk.  

This much snow (almost 10cm!) in Tokyo is still unusual (at least for me), and it really changes the entire landscape.  It was also rather dangerous because the weight of the snow caused many (including some very heavy) branches to crash down.  Some people got hit (fortunately by smaller branches) but a pretty big one fell only 20 meters in front of me (you can see it in the picture where a couple men with chainsaws are preparing to break it up).   So, protip for photographers shooting in the snow - don't stay under trees....

I only stayed out for a couple hours before coming back home due to the cold, but it was a great day nonetheless :)

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