Creative 366 Day Project for 2012

I've considered starting a 365 project for a while now, but have always put it off for one reason or another. However, +Takahiro Yamamoto 's recent article at has given me the push I needed, and my goal is to start my own 365 project beginning January 1st, 2012 - and I'd like to invite anyone who's interested in doing the same to join in! :)

Starting a project is (almost) always exciting at first, but if you do it alone, there will be times you're going to feel bored, burned out, or just plain tired - especially if you're trying to stick to something for a whole year by yourself. I figure if I can do it together with others, we can encourage and inspire one another - or scold each other if necessary ;-)

The goal of a 365 photo project is pretty well known - you take 1 photo a day, every day, for a whole year.
However, +Beverly Claire Kaiya has suggested trying a slightly different take to make things even more fun, which is to open up the circle to include "creative arts" projects, such as graphic design, interior design, architecture design, drawing, and painting (and of course photography!).

We do have to have some kind of restriction/focus or it'll just get crazy, so please stick to creative projects that you can share on G+. For example if you're a painter, you could take a snapshot of your daily work and share that. Or if you're a designer, you could take a daily screenshot of your work.

Again, it must be something tangibly creative - posting something like "I ran 5km today" wouldn't quite fit here - though you're certainly welcome to start your own circle for people who might be interested in that kind of project instead :)

Just to make it clear for anyone unfamiliar with with a 365 project, I'm going to list out the main "rules":

- You can only submit one entry to this project per day - at the end of the 2012, your album should have exactly 366 entries!
- The submitted project (whether it be a photo, design, etc) has to be something done on that same day (for example, you can't cheat and submit a photo you took the day before!)
I recommend that you create a new album for this, naming it something like "366 Project for 2012" so that it's easy for people to identify that particular album.

- When you share your daily photo/post, please be sure to do the following:
1) the DATE! Please put it in bold using the asterisk * mark like this January 01, 2012

2) please also include the following hashtag so that it's easy for others to find you: #creative366project

3) Please be SURE to add the +Creative 366 Project page to your circles!

4) Finally, each day, please be sure to "tag" your photo using the "Tag People" option, and select +Creative 366 Project (this is important so that your photos will show up on the G+ Page!)


Q: I want to join, when do we start?
A: This will start on January 1st, 2012, and finish on December 31st!

Q: How do I participate?
A: Start by making a comment indicating that you'd like to join, and I'll add you to the circle. (The circle will be closed at the end of this year!) Then on January 1st, 2012, start sharing your creative work! :)

Q: I don't have a professional camera! Or my camera is too big and heavy to carry around with me every day! What do I do?
A: You don't have to use the same camera every day to record what you do. You can use whatever is needed - your cellphone, your little point-and-shoot camera - if you're a designer, take screenshots of your work! The important thing is to create something - you can use whatever you have available to capture the record of your work :)

Q: What if I take many photos/draw lots of stuff on a single day, can I submit them all?
A: Sorry, no! The goal is not quantity, so please just choose ONE single photo/drawing/design that you like and submit only that. AND you cannot submit something you created yesterday in today's post - please only post something uniquely created on the day you post.

Q: I want to take photos but I don't have any chances to take a cool picture, everything around me is too boring!
A: If everything around you is boring, that's your chance to come up with something creative! ;-)

Please take a look at +Takahiro Yamamoto 's photos for a good example of how it's possible to make even the most ordinary/mundane objects seem fun and/or interesting.
Experiment! Try different angles, try getting closer, or further, or below, or on top of a subject. Try different lighting, different situations.... try anything and everything!
I find that this is one of the best things about G+ - there is almost no shortage of inspiration, particularly when creative work is involved. :)

Q: I'm traveling alot and sometimes I don't have a chance to access the internet and upload a photo, what can I do?
A: The important thing is just to create something every day. Then when you have a chance to access the internet again, you can add your new work into your album :)

Q: How will we be held accountable for posting daily?
A: We hold ourselves and each other accountable. But TAKAHIRO YAMAMOTO will prod truants with a devil's pitchfork... ;-)
Seriously though, this is first and foremost YOUR personal project - if you cheat, or skip a day, maybe we won't notice, but YOU will know... and that will make you a very gloomy panda - and no one wants to be a gloomy panda, right??

Q: Could we have a buddy system? If alot of people end up joining this, it's hard to keep track of who's doing well and who needs some hard prodding.
A: I will make an effort to visit each and every one's album as frequently as possible myself, but a "buddy" system is definitely a good idea especially if you already know some people in real life, or interact with some people regularly online. If you suggestions about this, please feel free to drop a note.

Q: Should we introduce ourselves to the group and make a public statement of our goal, and why we want to do this particular goal?
A: It's not a requirement, but making a goal public is one way of motivating ourselves to work toward it. It will also help us get to know you better and encourage you appropriately :)

Q: Is there a prize/reward???
A: The prize will be your own personal satisfaction of knowing that you've completed your project! ;-)

Q: At the end of the 2012, do we get together to celebrate our amazing year-long persistence?
A: Yes! G+'ers in each country should definitely try to get together! :D

Just think about it - by the end of 2012, you will have an album that showcases an entire YEAR of your life. Each entry in your album will serve as a memory or snapshot of every single day of 2012, and hopefully you will have learned something about yourself along the way.
P.S. Apologies for this lengthy post - when I started writing, I had no idea it was going to expand this much - I need an editor... (^^;

P.P.S. It is almost 1AM in Tokyo now, so I'm off to bed and will reply to any comments/questions tomorrow!
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