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Ted Pavlic
Autonomy science and engineering researcher, husband, Android enthusiast, and bringer of the science.
Autonomy science and engineering researcher, husband, Android enthusiast, and bringer of the science.

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Adorable bumblebee video! (and more evidence of tool use in invertebrates!)

Bumblebees were trained how to use a ball to retrieve a reward. Bees not only could learn the fairly complicated task, but they could improve in performance over the model who trained them.

[ #animalCognition #animalBehavior #behavior #neuroscience #bees #bumblebees #insects #cognition #biology #research ]

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A new drug delivery device is being called an "antibiotic submarine" for the gut. It neutralizes the surrounding gastric acid, which produces hydrogen gas bubbles that cause it to move around the gut and even bury itself in the stomach lining. All of this gastric neutralizing creates a relatively neutral pH in the stomach for a long enough period of time to greatly improve the efficiency of the drug. When the microenvironment reaches the target pH, the delivery device springs open and releases the drug (antibiotics seem to be the target application here). Being buried in the stomach lining also increases the efficiency of the drug release.

There are some nice videos of this "submarine" moving around (powered by its bubble drive) at the NPR link below.

Otherwise, here is the primary source:

"Micromotors Spontaneously Neutralize Gastric Acid for pH-Responsive Payload Release"
by Jinxing Li, Pavimol Angsantikul, Wenjuan Liu, Berta Esteban-Fernández de Ávila, Soracha Thamphiwatana, Mingli Xu, Elodie Sandraz, Xiaolei Wang, Jorge Delezuk, Weiwei Gao, Liangfang Zhang, Joseph Wang
Angewandte Chemie International Edition (Feb 13 2017), 56(8):2156–2161

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+Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory is having a 2017 summer workshop on Synthetic Biology. If you're anywhere from a senior graduate student to early career faculty, you are encouraged to apply. Topics covered will go from very theoretical to very empirical, and they're looking for a similar mix of applicants.

Deadline to apply is in April!

[ #syntheticBiology #engineering #biology #bioengineering #CSHL #ColdSpringHarbor #ColdSpringHarborLab #ColdSpringHarborLaboratory #synthbio #synthbiology ]

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Ever wonder why the surface of the #sun rotates more slowly than the interior? Apparently, a model that accounts for the angular momentum of photons leaving the surface predicts roughly the same deficit as observed. In other words, the light leaving the surface of the sun is taking momentum with it and slowing the surface down.

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Cool! Was just invited to be one of the speakers for the upcoming "TEDxASU: Innovators". That's exciting, but I'm surprised at how much prep they require! Slides well ahead of time. Both video and in-person rehearsals. I hope I don't peak before the big event!

Anyone have any suggestions for what to include in my 18 minutes? 

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Seeded a Google Play Music station with "Veronica" by Elvis Costello today. The result was an amazing string of fantastic music.

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So true...

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Last week, my wife's early morning #outreach for +Arizona State University School of Life Sciences​ brought ants to our dining table. This week, we have #bees as our overnight houseguests. Life at +Arizona State University, Tempe Campus​!

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Well, that's an interesting way to make use of water pressure while fire fighting.
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