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Jeremy Brown
Father, friend, church planter, pastor... and a bit off center
Father, friend, church planter, pastor... and a bit off center

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getting ready to do a hang out with Jason Raitz and the team at Thrive Church MI - talking about what's next for them and their team! 

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Anyone know of a qualified worship guy who's looking for a great ministry position at a Church in NW Ohio.  I served at this church for 8 years and it stretched me and challenged me in amazing ways!  Plus, the famed Todd Rhoades is one of the Elders!

An organization built on your capacity will reach it's capacity when you do. Read more at

I love Phineus and Ferb... Just sayin'

Getting ready for staff meeting... Then I need to get some traction on our next series!

struck again by something +David Limiero said to me some time back about not "needing" my church to grow large to be fulfilled - that really means something to me...

Part of the reason that the church of today struggles as it does is because we're busy teaching people how to avoid sinning instead of how to follow Jesus!

If you use propresenter and you're thinking of upgrading to OSX Lion, you might wanna hold off for a bit... Ugh!

So there's a Google+ app for the iphone now... just heard about it.

working on my sermon for Sunday AM at Journey Church... The last one in the "What would Jesus say to _?" Series... I really think that this has potential to be the most moving service we'll ever do.
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