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Operation Terrapin

The stats:

MU per layer: ~78mil
Total layers thrown: 11
Total layers standing simultaneously: 5
Longest Link: 6,838 km

The story:

When Persepolis was announced earlier this year, a call went out for durable cover fields. +Rob Nussbaum  was contacted by +Joe Dague for help. Using keys left over from another operation, a plan was hatched to link Washington Island (Wisconsin), Sapelo Island (Georgia), and an island off the west coast of France. The lanes were aggressive, but doable. Unfortunately, between a lot of agents absent along the US lane due to anomaly sites and ultimately killer coastal blockers (good job, Resistance), we were forced to call off the field attempt. 

We all agreed this was too good not to attempt again, and the op was shelved for several months. In June, +John Sarmie prodded me about firing up the team again. The process of reaching out to our operator teams and local team leads began, tech was fired up, and plans were hatched. Rob was kind enough (or evil enough) to allow John and myself take the reigns.

Our anchor keys were already in place, but there were many strategic key movements that still needed to take place to hold off some of our more challenging areas. Our operator team worked with local agents to find good rail anchors and keys were sent in motion. 

A special team was formed to work on controlling the US and Canadian coastline. This was the failure point last time, so agents along the eastern seaboard were brought in to coordinate plans very early in the process. Some very tightly coordinated efforts went together to drop a very hard RES link while simultaneously throwing our own northern and southern coastal control links. This was a huge win, and even resulted in a 550k MU fish field for our agents in Newfoundland that stood for several days. Despite our efforts, the coast still played a role in this field (more later).

As late as the night before throw, keys were making their way into guide linkers’ hands. Special shout out to +Ed Bihlajama who busted his rear making multiple key transfers and acting as the sole guide link thrower responsible to dividing our US lane several different ways. Our zone operators did an amazing job sealing up the lane early in certain areas, as well as developing very aggressive guide link plans and coordinating our ground agents to execute flawlessly. 

One of the most challenging areas along the US lane was a couple of portals in southern Kentucky located on paid-access 4x4 ATV trails in low-cell areas. These portals were once owned by +Jenny Foo and later legitimately captured by a resistance agent. Jenny’s intel was integral in forming a plan around these portals. On Friday, when +Rain Creek arrived in the area to take to the trails, she arrived with no cell service at all. After investigation, and a conversation with the carrier, it was discovered that the copper had been stolen out of the local wireless service towers’ power station, resulting in a total cell outage in the area. Saturday morning, we woke to the news that the power station was repaired and we were back in business. With three or so hours to get through all the trails to each of the four portals (miles apart), it was going to be tight. Additionally, coverage was spotty enough that our comms were not solid. Hoping everything was going as planned, we proceeded as if the portals were going down.

Then, shortly after 10am, my heart sank as the call went out in the ops channel that there was a new blocker from Robbins Reef Lighthouse in NYC. The blockers were sent to Grenada and Puerto Rico. These were killers, for sure. At this point, we had to face the fact that our 1pm checkpoint was likely out of the question. As +Tim McGarvey frantically called every helicopter and boat service he could find, +Brit N Boots was able to find an agent in Puerto Rico to drop that end. Grenada was a no go, however, so it HAD to drop from NYC. We finally found a boat willing to run an agent out to the lighthouse, and thank goodness agent +J-P Michael was available to hop on and take the ride on the choppy water.

Around that same time, we finally started to see a little action from southern Kentucky. It was only a little bit of time now before those mountain blockers would fall. Meanwhile, in France…

Approximately two hours before our scheduled throw time, a new blocker appeared across the water on the French coast. After reaching out to locals with no luck, two agents (mogg and sehdatcha) left the island to make the 20 minutes ferry and 60+ minute drive to the other island blocker (and gave up their overnight stay on our anchor island). They waited there while we dealt with the NYC blocker...

We were in constant contact with J-P regarding his eta to Robbins Reef. As we watched him approach the lighthouse on glympse, we had our French and US teams ready. As soon as the boat got to the lighthouse, we made the call for the blockers to drop. A moment later, the lane was clear and +John Sarmie threw his link from Sapelo to Washington Island and France lit up their portal and threw to Washington Island. After circling the lighthouse trying to literally drift within range of the portal, J-P dropped the NYC blocker, allow us to throw from NOAA up to the Canadian coast to guide. About 30 seconds later, +Mickael Patte threw from France to Sapelo to close our first field… 78 million MU!

Meanwhile, back in Wisconsin… Our anchor team had been discovered and Resistance were on their way. Shout out to Res agents GoodTwin and OzzyTheGr8 for making the trip to fight our anchor teams. These two agents singlehandedly prevented our fields from hitting the 6pm EST checkpoint. However, as they drove around pulling down our fields, our anchor and link teams worked to set up new layers to throw. Eventually, our Sapelo team had to catch their ferry off the island and our linking was finished. 

There are so many cool stories from our agents on the ground, like the one where we totally lost the capsule with the keys at the southern island and flew a new set down with +Sara Bee. Too many more to share here, as I’ve already talked too much. I have so much appreciation for our dedicated and talented organizers, operators, and ground teams that made this whole things possible. You guys are all amazing!

+Ron Groves 
+John Sarmie  
+Mickael Patte  

Coast Control Team:
+Ben Newfang  
+Brit N Boots 
+Christy Murray 
Bill Murray
David Moore
+Eric X 
+J-P Michael 
+Jesse Spangenberger 
+Jon Luning 
+John Sarmie 
Justin (@luigix4)
+Kate Bisnaire 
+Kristie Robertson 
+Mark Schaub 
+Morgan Self 
Parker Haliburton
Ryan Nichol
+Agent StephenG 
+Tim McGarvey 
+Zach Barrett 
Richard Harris
Sean Kenny

+Carrie Bradfield  
+Trinyan X  
+Alexander Porambo  
+Nate Bowers 
+Heiko Leberer  
+Courtney IAmCoyote  
+Mark Schaub 
+Agent StephenG  
+Kenneth Colwell  
+Robert Landsparger  
+Michael Rother 
+Kate Bisnaire 
+Tim McGarvey  
+Toralv Dirro  
Andrew Lindner
Adam Schmucker
@Kelsey C 

Anchor Teams:

France : 
+Mickael Patte 
Benjamin Duveau
Nicolas Florizoone
Olivier Remaud
Pinky Unicorn
Iky Nox
Rémy Chaix
garnouille Hervé
Mogg Houet (had to leave anchor to down block link on an other island)
Simon Rubat du Mérac (had to leave anchor to down block link on an other island)

Washington Island:
+Uranium Anti 
+Jonathan Clark 
Bill Trost

Sapelo Island:
+John Sarmie 
+Tina J 
+Stephen Thornton

Key Mules:
+Ed Bihlajama 
+Dano L 
+Sara Bee 
+Lori Watson 
+Richard Riedling II 
+John Wartke 

MI Rails
+Josh Mead 
+Ryan Kalkauski 
Jacob Dykstra

Lane Clearing:

- Canada
Craig Matheson
Derek Ball
Elliot Furr
Neil Brennan
Scott Olson
Steven Veldt
+jonathan turcot 
+Achilles Nikopoulos 

- Michigan 
+Ryan Kalkauski 
+Paulette Truax-Rossing 
+Sam Bird 
+Timothy Hutchison 
+James Ohmart 
+Steven Kaye 
+Kevin C. 
+William Mayr 
+Jason Berg 
+Duane Maddox 
CC: +Gerid Adams 

- Indiana
+Meg McKibben 
+Kyle Stephens 
+Jarome Allen 
+Dawn Philpot 
+Chris Bricker 
+Hoss Bosley 
+Mark Goebel 
Cindy Schall

- Ohio
+David Matts 
+Casey Martin 
+Cat Vinch 
+William D Storer 
+Joelle Wilson 
+Brice cooper- D0CWH0 
+Robin Geoppinger  
+Michelle R  
+Alissa - EvelienRain  
+Lori Watson  
+Jennifer Burns  
John Burns
+Dominic Corbin  
+Patricia Corbin 
+Andy Pohl 
+David Reynolds Jr 
+Shawn Tingler 
Ed Bihlajama
+Mary Bihlajama 
+Patrick Wanzer 
+Larry Manson 
+BT Hicks 
+Anthony B 
+Eric Marschall 
+David Abbott 

- Kentucky
+Betsy Keplinger  
Jefferey Gossman
Matthew Clements
+Marc Williams  
Vanessa Williams

- Tennessee
+Rain Creek  
+Victoria Shuler  

- Carolinas
Judd Gregory
Justin Collins
Christopher Codding
Tyson Griswold
Lori Carroll 
+Mark Reslink  
+Destiny Page  
Valarie Patton
+Joel Livesay 
Carl Chesney
Justin Patton

- Georgia
+Drew Rakkapogue 

- US Coast

VIPs (local intel, agent finders, emergency contacts, etc):
+David Buckham 
+Jenny Foo 
+Jon Tillman 
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Is this Upstate X-Faction group?

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 A nice analysis of the maddening labels some progressives use when labeling conservative thought. Will liberals apply the the same critiques to their own code words? No because generally, for liberals and progressive, their argument is based upon conservatism as evil on its face. It doesn't deserve the same treatment.
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Makes you think. #physics
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Today being today
Hebrews 3:15 "Today if you hear his voice, do not harden your heart." And "Do not worry about tomorrow, for Today has enough cares for itself." And "Therefore there is Now no condemnation For those who are in Christ Jesus." God is the God of Now. Your redem...
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