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Sign in, Unsuccessful???
There is so much going on isn't there?  I don't know about anyone else but it has felt like a pressure cooker lately that could literally explode at times.  So much is happening now! I know so many people that are suffering and hurting.  Tonight when I was ...

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First book published! :-)
Hi everyone, My book Thyme and Seasonings has been published and posted online! It
has been such a long journey getting this done!  Thank you everyone so
much for all your support, patience, and prayers!!!!  It feels amazing! It is posted on Amazon, Barne...

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Why Is It
It has been a long time since I have written anything. You know there is something that you need to do, and yet finding every single excuse in the book to not take care of what you are supposed to do. Take for example, I am in the process of getting my firs...

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Its Forever Right
Tonight as I was holding my dog in my lap my mind began to think about a few things... Relationships.  How much work they take, and what it means to be in them. It means accepting people for who they are: the good And the bad. It is realizing that the bumps...

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It Doesn't Have to Be
It doesn't have to be the way that you think something works out.  As long as it does... I used to believe this.  I have always been known as the encourager.  The one that lifts others up when they are feeling down.  What if you find yourself losing strengt...

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When I woke up last night it was raining outside and there was a blue hue in the room.  It was the glow from my fish tank.  Instead of turning on the television or some lights I decided to sit there and stare at the glowing light.  Even though there was dar...

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New Beginnings
Today is the start of a new day. There will never be another yesterday, and today is almost in the past. This year I have been given a fresh start with someone from the past, who I truly thought was someone that I would not hear from again. I am learning th...

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Christmas...It is such a special time of the year. Lights, presents, candles, gatherings...You can feel the love in the air. Do you remember the story called "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" by Dr. Seuss? When the Grinch realized that Christmas meant more t...

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Some pieces are
sharp, Some are soft, Some can pinch you, Others do not. When all of the
pieces don’t seem to fit, Just remember, You are a “puzzle”,
and not just a “stitch”.

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I cannot believe that it has been over a year since I have written anything. My mind has been swollen with soooo many different thoughts and feelings. Guess you could say that I took a "vacation" from writing...I have missed it. It is amazing how freeing it...
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