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Chrome version 56 disabled the chrome://plugins settings. You no longer can disable or enable plugins in this area. You now need to use chrome://flags to disable Flash. To disable Flash chrome://flags/#prefer-html-over-flash set to Enabled. This disables the click to run from delaying HTML5 content but will not completely disable Flash. I have not found a way to disable Flash or Native Client as of yet. So in the mean time expect a lot of popup windows from malware companies stating your computer is infected in Chrome.

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A interesting video on some RF hacks of the past, not all are satellite based.

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There trying to destroy us.

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Microsoft is watching you.

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If you are reloading Windows or updates are taking forever, download the following updates.
Win7 KB3020369 Servicing Stack Update April 2015
KB3172605 July 2016 Rollup

Win8.1 KB3021910 Servicing Stack Update April 2015
KB3172614 July 2016 Rollup
After you have downloaded them. Stop the Windows update service and install the first update. Then stop Windows update service again to install the second update. After these updates, Windows update should be good again. For more details is where I found this information.

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Continuing on with Star Trek posts.

Below is my home internet router/firewall/gateway setup. This works fine on all internet providers locally except S&T ( in which you need to disable IPv6.
IPv6 is set up incorrectly and will cause the router to disconnect and possibly lock up. I have notified them of the issue and hope it will get fixed in the future.

*Home Firewall Checklist*
1 - Upgrade or use alternative firmware
2 - Disable remote management over the Internet
3 - Turn on WPA Wi-Fi encryption
4 - Turn off WPS Wi-Fi setup
5 - Turn off UPnP support
6 - Do not to use the default IP ranges such as
7 - Change the password from the default

Microsoft released a update that removes GWX and all the Win 10 files from your system.

If you disabled recommended updates and wish to enable them again it looks somewhat safe.

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Yes, estimated time is useless.

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Do not forget to vote.
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