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Solamon Grundy
One day we'll all be atheists, I'm just an early adopter.
One day we'll all be atheists, I'm just an early adopter.

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Atheism isn't my religion, but Waze might be. I put my faith in GPS, perhaps too often.

Apologists believe a supernatural entity is required for an action to be right or wrong, good or evil. Shifting the terminology to something less mature... is a supernatural entity required for an action to be nice or mean?

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Apologists have in mind a believed supernatural property from a believed supernatural agent when they talk about morality and then they try to tie it to the secular concepts of right and wrong. I hate to generalize, but every apologist that has tried to argue that their morality points to a god has done this. It's one of the few times there are no exceptions.

Ethics is entirely different than magic. They can't have it both ways.

Christians: Imagine that your mortal body could not die. How many years would have to go by without Jesus returning before you would consider that he isn't going to return?

Imagine an absolute, objective truth (a religious moral truth, for example)

Such a truth was never created because it, by definition, has always been.

If such a truth exists, it doesn't need a creator. So why do apologists use such a truth as evidence for a creator?

What's the difference between Democrat, Liberal, and Leftist?

I assume stuff like "Libertard" and "Snowflake" are just additional labels for the above meant to be insulting, but correct me if I'm wrong.

If God created people to glorify God, why not make more people?
More people = the potential for more glory.

When someone opts to debate against the strongest version of their opponent's argument, I consider that person either confident in their own position or ignorant of the weaker version of their opponent's argument. :-)

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I'd say "you know who you are", but you probably don't. :-)
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