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Solamon Grundy
One day we'll all be atheists, I'm just an early adopter.
One day we'll all be atheists, I'm just an early adopter.


When theists criticize non-theists for not having the answers to their questions about the Big Bang, do they really expect people with about a 90 year lifespan and a few thousand years of recorded history to know everything about the origin of a 13 billion year old universe?
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So this community hasn't done anything in a while, but I like everyone here and am looking to connect with people I like on other networks since G+ is on it's way out.

I'm @Grundy on Twitter and I talk about less religious stuff there.

If you seek the truth, it's good to periodically put your beliefs to the test. Engage with people with differing beliefs, but, I think more importantly, debate your beliefs with yourself. Play devils advocate and rack your brain about how you may be wrong. It's sometimes easier to listen to yourself than others.
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I have this series of shirts highlighting bible verses that most modern people would take issue with. It lets anyone who sees you look up the verse and see if they really want to keep following the "good book."

I haven't even figured out Collections yet...
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Religions often claim that humans have souls while other animals do not. If not this, they might claim that the human mind can continue independent of the human brain while the same does not apply to other animals.

Is there any evidence to support these claims?

Any animal that suffers enough damage to the brain ceases all activity one could attribute to a mind or soul. No other functions of a mind or soul, if they exist, have been observed. Likewise, if you manipulate an animal's brain with surgery, electricity, or chemicals; the animal will behave in predictable ways including but not limited to specific changes in personality and memory. Those same manipulations do the same things to humans, especially when the animal is closely related to humans.

Would human-level intellect amount to much if it evolved in a body that didn't also evolve parts like opposable thumbs and vocal cords? I mean, if you and your mates had fish would you behave different than fish?
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Found this old menu I made making fun of the stuff we talk about.
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Consider the following two syllogisms.

Argument A
Premise 1: Whatever begins to exist has a cause.
Premise 2: The Universe began to exist.
Conclusion: Therefore, the Universe had a cause.

Argument B
Premise 1: Whatever exists began to exist.
Premise 2: God is described as an agent with no beginning.
Conclusion: Therefore, God does not exist.

I'm not going to argue that either argument is perfectly sound, but I will argue that Argument A is no stronger than Argument B.

What is the flaw in this argument?

Whatever exists began to exist.
God did not begin to exist.
Therefore, God doesn't exist.
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