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Alexander Trauzzi
A rare Canadian that abhors mediocrity and half-measures.
A rare Canadian that abhors mediocrity and half-measures.

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Want to build a .NET Core package?

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Building .NET Core Nuget Packages
My last blog post was on building and publishing npm packages, specifically for typescript projects. In my opinion, packages are an important fundamental unit in software development. They sit at the confluence of technical competence and collaboration, and...

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Making TypeScript npm Packages
If you've landed here, I can only assume you're like me and see packages as the highest form of sophistication in software development.  In that same vein, I bet at some point in the past you've wished you could start applying DRY principles to your client-...

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Hey look, a tech company from Winnipeg on TV!
My wife likes to catch up on her Dragon's Den and it makes for pretty good background listening while I study in the next room. The episode she was watching tonight featured an app called musi made by some local Winnipeg talent.  Cool, right?! Not quite. On...

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From PHP to - Bad Advice
I've noticed in the Microsoft ecosystem has been the tendency for bad advice to
get really good play.  Although I can
still point this out today, it's reassuring to see "New-Microsoft ca.
2014" moving to address it.  But
just like my
post a while ...

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From PHP to - Tooling & Workflows
Probably the first thing to be remarked when coming from any environment to .net is going to be the tightly integrated tooling. When I used to do PHP in the late 90s early 00s, it was pretty much whatever text editor I could get my hands on.  There were som...

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Having problems with your install of Microsoft SQL Server Express 2014 not being picked up in visual studio with the `(local)` data source?

Set up the named pipe to be this in SQL Server Configuration Manager: `\\.\pipe\sql\query`
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