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From PHP to - Tooling & Workflows
Probably the first thing to be remarked when coming from any environment to .net is going to be the tightly integrated tooling. When I used to do PHP in the late 90s early 00s, it was pretty much whatever text editor I could get my hands on.  There were som...
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Alexander Trauzzi

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Having problems with your install of Microsoft SQL Server Express 2014 not being picked up in visual studio with the `(local)` data source?

Set up the named pipe to be this in SQL Server Configuration Manager: `\\.\pipe\sql\query`
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Alexander Trauzzi

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You've been told that you should keep your controllers thin, that there shouldn't be any logic in them, that testing controllers is pointless.
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Alexander Trauzzi

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Integrating third party templates with your front end build system
I'm not by definition a front end developer, although because I do back end development, things like program structure and build systems are interesting to me regardless of whether they target servers or browsers.  So while I can't make something look prett...
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Alexander Trauzzi

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This is exactly what's wrong with Ubuntu lately that has me eyeing Windows.
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Alexander Trauzzi

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We've all run into UID/GID issues in Docker.  I suspect a feature like this would fix it.
Before getting into the details, I want to point out that I suspect a feature like what I'm about to suggest could solve many permission related snags when using Docker. So as to prevent this sugg...
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Docker is all about fully portable containers that make no assumptions about where they are running.

Scripts and workarounds like this just take us in the wrong direction.
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Alexander Trauzzi

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Programming: It's about how interested you are.
Had this tweet show up in my feed this morning and I think it's worth an explicit mention.   Eric Evans  talks a bit about Domain Driven Design, a topic he's also not coincidentally published a book on many years ago: Watch @ericevans0 ' talk from #DDDEU 20...
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A rare Canadian that abhors mediocrity and half-measures.
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