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Wayne Myer
Awesome cook, long-distance cyclist, and a software engineer that likes to make hardware cry "uncle."
Awesome cook, long-distance cyclist, and a software engineer that likes to make hardware cry "uncle."

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"Thanks for a nation of finks." - William S. Burroughs

A family friend mailed me some coffee he roasted. Someone smelled "something" coming from the mailboxes and called DHS. My coffee got confiscated and is being "inspected." Really?!

This reminds me of a bike tour I was on in 2011. I had just eaten a huge burrito for lunch and went to a nearby beach to relax. I sat myself down, pulled the memory card out of my camera, put the card in my tablet, and proceeded to offload/upload my pictures from the morning. After about 15 minutes, a cop and three lifeguards came over to me and asked me to come with them quietly, and don't make a scene.

I of course refused. And demanded an explanation. They said "a woman complained that a dark-skinned man was seen sitting without a shirt, taking pictures." Are you kidding me?! 1) My cycling jersey was very much in place; 2) someone was shirtless on the beach?! The HORROR!; 3) someone was taking pictures in a public place?!!!! (I didn't even touch my camera except to remove the card)(but hey, put in more surveillance cameras everywhere); 4) he was dark-skinned?! EVERYBODY PANIC!!!

They were feeling pretty stupid by this point and the cop was really embarrassed, but just to rub it in, I showed them my really racy pictures and activities. Lunch burrito. Bicycle propped up in scenic places. And I thanked them for pandering to the paranoid. "Well... uh... you can never be too safe." Yeah, you can actually. "And you understand we have to look into these things." No, I don't. Tell the crazy, scared, paranoid suburbanite mom to go fuck herself.

And tell the person who can smell coffee to go find their own coffee. Or go beat themselves against a brick wall.

This helpful error in Android Studio:
*system Cannot find System Java Compiler.

Ensure that you have installed a JDK (not just a JRE) and configured your JAVA_HOME system variable to point to the according directory.*

Yeah, that's not correct. Instead, explicitly set the path to JDK in: File > Other Settings… > Default Project Structure… > JDK location

I wasted a few hours banging my head on this one. Hopefully this spares someone a shred of pain.

#android #androidstudio

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Okay, I know that, despite being Monday, the chances are low for my day going quite this badly. Hopefully the same for you too.

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Ever feel like a frog in a pot of water? 

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Rather prescient and observant. A total must-watch if you can't be bothered to read the book. Wolf faults the second Bush administration rather heavily, but the trends have been present since the 50s and 60s, really taking hold under Reagan's Grenada and Iran-Contra campaigns. Specifically, Reagan's explicit efforts to do an end-run around the Abrams Doctrine and usurp power for the executive branch.

And lest you think the Obama Administration fared any better, his administration has prosecuted more whistleblowers than all administrations ever combined. The march of concentration of power in the executive branch continues unabated. The closing down of America continues and, while Wolf waxes optimistic, eight years later, I think it is actually too late.

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Oh, good. My fear of missing out was really starting to whisper to me. Glad I can just tune that one out. Now, if more people would freaking stop using FB as their party planning platform, we could actually send FB a message to stop this jackassery.

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This just happened. Small moments that make it all worthwhile. #boatlife 

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Some test pics off my new dive camera; this is a whole new ballgame after using a GoPro for so long. This is some early spring growth on my dock. #scuba #boatlife
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Well, that was even more depressing than I thought it would be.

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REALLY?! Some things never change regardless of the office.
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