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Memorial Day Recognition of My Hobusch Family Veterans
The following I posted on Facebook, but wished to add it to my blog. My story "I Am an American" in PEARL HARBOR AND MORE is about the Nisei
experience in California's Central Valley, but a secondary theme deals
with the suspicion and heckling often recei...

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ETERNAL FLAME- A Book Review for Memorial Day
the eve of Memorial Day I read Eternal Flame written by one of my favorite World War Two authors, Alexa Kang.
In the past several months I read her Rose of Anzio series, four novels dealing
with young people who found themselves off to war, Anthony Ardle...

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Blog Tour & My Book Review: TWICE BETRAYED
The thread of friendship is stretched to the
breaking point… With the spark of independence crackling in Colonial
Philadelphia, Perdy Rogers chafes under the strict rule of her Quaker
grandmother and the endless duties of her apprenticeship in Betsy Ross’s

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Book REview: Rose of Anzio #4 REMEMBRANCE by Alexa Kang
About Rose of Anzio – Remembrance: Volume 4): a WWII Epic Love
Story “You have
to stay alive, all right...You do what you have to but get through this war.
Get through it and go back to her. Nothing else matters...If you die, she’ll be
very sad. Don’t make ...

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Book Review: DEFIANCE-A WORLD WAR II STORY by A.L. Sowards
This week's Wednesday Wonders features  DEFIANCE by A. L. Sowards  About Defiance : Eight years after immigrating to the
United States, German-born Lukas Ley embodies the American dream: successful
athlete, gorgeous girlfriend, loving family. But beneath th...

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One widow,
one killer--who will die first?     Gutsy,
grieving Anna is determined to find who murdered her husband. Hampered by
agonizing loneliness, her obsessive-compulsive mother, and her over-controlling
father, she defies convention and the law to inve...

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Book Review: Rose of Anzio #3 DESIRE by Alexa Kank
About Rose of Anzio – Desire: (Volume 3): A WWII Epic Love Story “We have so
much ahead of us, Tessa. What we have ahead is this sea. It’ll be the same sea
we’re looking at now, vast and beautiful. It’s already here, waiting for us. It
won’t change. The war...

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About Unwavering : From inspiration to heartache, hope is fleeting
as freedom becomes a distant
memory… Wilhelm Quedlin’s plan to change the tide of the war is thwarted when he is
arrested. And, making matters worse, with the arrest of his wife, Hilde, the

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