I was totally planning to completely ignore next year's 20-year high school class reunion. I'm so antisocial.

Then I check my facebook notices today and see that the planning committee wants me to set up a website for them. sigh.

I'm used to being one of the "official computer nerds" for my family, my coworkers, and even my wife's coworkers (my shadow IT time for them is apparently better, more accurate, and faster than her actual IT staff.)

But the idea of becoming the official nerd of my senior class? That's weird to me. In a "huh, really?" kind of way. It's great that the "popular clique" considers me the "go-to guy" for their IT needs. But still strange. I was one of the wall-flowers in high school that didn't fit in with any of the standard cliques; certainly not the popular kid cliques -- sports, latest styles, popular music, dancing ability? me? Bwahahha!

Anyway, weird. Not BAD. Just weird.
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