I am quite convinced Mark Zuckerberg won't stop until he knows everything about everything. This is a HUGE competitive advantage for Facebook. Why? Because it is a new kind of media company: one that brings the media TO YOU because it knows everything about you and everything about your environment (or will, eventually).

Now, explain where +Larry Page will stop. Google already knows more about me than Facebook does. Think about it. Google knows every search I've ever made and knows which links I clicked on.

Google knows about my porn surfing habits, or the lack thereof.

Facebook doesn't. Not yet.

So, my question is: how much restraint does Google have?

My other question is: when will legislation get written? If you were a legislator, what would you write? After all, the users like these features. I love the new music stuff in Facebook.

I'm pretty sure that Google is building a contextual engine every bit as powerful as the one Zuckerberg is building. These will know EVERYTHING ABOUT EVERYTHING. Very powerful, if you think about it, but very scary too.

An exec at a credit card company says they can tell you are having a divorce about a year before you actually have one.

Now, think about what Google knows about you.

Did you just learn you have a terminal cancer? Where is the first place you go after you get home and tell your significant other? I talked with someone who had prostate cancer. He told me he went to Google before he told his best friend.

Now, again, how much restraint does Google have?

THAT will be its defining question. The pressure is on from Zuckerberg to cross the line. We'll be watching what Larry does.
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