Microsoft's most important event yet

This is a huge event in Microsoft's history. Microsoft has already lost many of us and it's going to be very hard to get us back. Things aren't yet as dire as they are over at Yahoo or Nokia (the trucks of money keep arriving every day at Microsoft) but you can see why Paul Graham said yesterday that it's going to get bad for Microsoft. Nearly every entrepreneur who visits me lately brings a Mac, not a product running something from Microsoft.

Yesterday one did bring a Windows computer, and it didn't startup easily. It reminded me once again why I use a Mac and iPads and iPhones.

The thing is, I don't think Microsoft can do what Apple did. Why? Microsoft isn't willing to tell its customers to get lost. Apple didn't have that problem. Most of its customers, in the late 1990s told IT to get lost.

So, when I see Windows 8, I'm sure it will be beautiful and innovative on the top. But will it feel that way when I click into old-school apps? Will it feel that way when I see an old-school error message? Or, like happened yesterday, when something like just turning on the computer and setting up wireless doesn't work as well as it does on my iPad or Android tablets? <<-- live shortly.
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