Wish me well, RIM is calling in half an hour

Research in Motion, you know, the folks that make the Blackberry, aren't too happy with me. Why not? Because I keep pointing out to them that developers have deserted its platform. In the past week I've visited 25 startups (which explains why I haven't been so active on Google+ or Twitter lately) and only a couple of them have supported Blackberry in any way (and even those two admit that Android and iOS are way better choices for most developers).

I just don't see how RIM turns around this lack of developer support and, to me, that dooms them to falling market share, falling profits, and many many deep problems that most of us call "a death spiral" for a company.

Now, we've seen that companies can pull out. Apple, back in 1997, was in much the same spot, except Apple didn't face two strong competitors who were battling each other.

Most of these developers say it's a no brainer to build apps for iOS first, then Android. Some say the other way around. But when you ask them "what else?" then the answers are a lot less strong. MIcrosoft is even struggling to get developer support, with about 2% marketshare against Android and iOS. But Microsoft is in a stronger position than RIM is.

I just don't see how most of the world's "pro" development shops (I.E. the ones that are venture backed) will support more than Android and iOS. They just don't have the resources to do that. And if they did I don't see why they would support four OS's. That just doesn't seem to be a smart business decision.

So, what's my advice for RIM? Punt and go with Android. It'll be interesting to see what they say about that advice and whether or not they let me discuss their answers in public.

So, if you are a RIM fan, tell me why RIM has a future, even without developer support?

And don't answer that they have great marketshare in some weird market like Africa or Brazil. That's true, but only because they are giving away SMS and data plans for near nothing. That won't save them because it's like having a chicken without a head. It will run around the yard for a while and look "alive." But it still has no head and eventually Android figures out how to match the pricing in those markets too and then the chicken stops running around the yard.
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