FluidInfo brings a new kind of real-time database to the Web

http://fluidinfo.com/ here I talk with the founders of Fluidinfo, which brings to the web a new kind of unstructured database. Now, that sounds boring, but this is pretty mind-blowing stuff that lets you do all sorts of new things and will bring even more to us soon.

Useful for getting info out of the new real time social web, like Twitter.

When I see a deep new technology like this it's worth spending more time with them, so this is an hour conversation. We cover a lot of ground, too, because +Terry Jones (founder) really is one of the most brilliant people I've met (I first met him years ago when this was in a very early stage).

This database is quite different from something like MySQL or File Maker.

I'm playing with it now and liking where this is going.
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