Hmm, in all the noise about deleted profiles it's interesting that I didn't see anyone pointing out that Techcrunch's founder, Michael Arrington, no longer has an account on Google+. He used to, it was here: Sorry if I missed it, but I've read almost every word written tonight on the topic and I didn't see it mentioned.

+MG Siegler (who is Techcrunch's most visible writer) is still on Google+. MG, any insight into what happened? Did Google+ delete his account? If so, any statement from Mike on that point? I sensed some tension because Mashable was able to keep their account, just move it into +Pete Cashmore which means he now has two accounts on Google+. The second one is here: +Pete Cashmore

One of the reasons I don't like how Google is handling this (even though I've been defending the anti-anonymity decision by Google) is because of this seeming unfairness in how things were handled. Among other reasons.
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