This app rocks: Band of the Day from 955 Dreams

UPDATE: I loaded the video of this company and a new post here:

I'll have a video up in a little while, compressing it is taking much longer than usual (I shot 45 minutes with this company because I think this team is so interesting and the products they do are so good).

Why should you pay attention to Band of the Day, just released at ?

1. The engineering team is still more than 50% female.
2. They have the best "three-screen strategy" I've seen in a startup (phone, tablet, TV). More on that later when I get the video up.
3. They have a deep focus on design and user experience.
4. They are fun and make apps that are fun to poke around in.

More in a few hours but go ahead and get it now before I can get the video up.
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