+Sergey Brin is a genius. He is getting us all to pay $1,500 to do R&D and PR on Google Glass AND we like it! A friend who is in PR says that I've gotten about $200,000 worth of free PR simply because I have Glass, though. Not too shabby, not too shabby at all! 

So, +Larry Page you really still mad about the shower picture? My "Glassholes" magazine on Flipboard already has almost 50,000 followers, too, and it's only two months old.

But, still, I think this is the most brilliant new product roll out I've ever seen. It certainly is the most controversial product of my lifetime. 

Oh, and so far, about eight out of every 10 people I put them on have this kind of reaction: all smiles. 

Yes, Glass has governments and privacy freaks nervous as all hell, but on the street? It's all smiles.

Oh, and, Larry, you still haven't explained to anyone what that eye sensor is doing. Looking forward to that day. 
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