Wow, the "Building a Company" community I opened last week has 3,000 members already. Yeah, that pales to the huge numbers in +Trey Ratcliff's photo community, but that's already quite something. 

I also love that Google+ has noise controls for communities. You might not realize this, but silently in the background Google has been blocking lots of messages from posting on communities. You see one of those messages here in the post below.

We'd love to have you join our community for all entrepreneurs:
Good morning from the administrator!

Sorry I've been over in Europe so haven't had much time to put into this, but now I'm back and am very happy to see 3,073 members this morning. Pretty cool!

What's nice is that Google+ has been blocking noisy posts. A ton of them. A few that were good got blocked too, I approved those. But I see there's a need for some general ground rules:

1. Google+ and I will block posts that have very little value other than a link to your community or to your website. Translation: advertising isn't allowed here. Participate here, build up some social capital, before trying that kind of stuff.

2. English only sorry. While translations are getting better it puts a tax on those of us who are participating here. For now we'll make this an English-only community. 

3. All "high-noise, low signal" posts are in danger of getting pulled from here. I'm going to bias toward not wasting time. So posts that just say "hi," while well meaning, aren't going to get posted.

Anyway, there are a few other things that I'll protect the community from, really am looking forward to participating here. At some point I'll probably make a few others here moderators too because I can't keep up with the flow if it gets crazier than this.

Speaking of which, anyone here use the Net Promoter Score? At Rackspace we use this like a religion and I know many other companies do too. Maybe I'll start a new section called "measuring greatness." What do you think? What does this community need?
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