+Mitch Wagner just asked Is there a live video stream available for the Apple event later today?

No, there is not.

Apple is run by the best PR team in the business. So why don't they stream their press events?

First off, they usually DO put up the video of the event about two to three hours later. So, if you want to watch the whole event you will be able to by this evening.

But why not do it live?

1. Control point #1. If some demo goes dramatically wrong they can edit the video and clean things up.

2. Reward the press. There's a reason that their press events are always packed. The press knows that they will get millions of visits this morning. Why? Because they are the only game in town.

3. Control point #2. They control everything about the room. Photographers have to sit in the back. Only fanboys get to sit up front (most of the people you see on the video up front are Apple. If things were live then they might not get to control folks quite so well.

4. They want you to watch in glorious HD. Yes, live streaming technology is getting better and better but they want a world-wide audience to be able to see their new products in glorious HD with no hickups. Generally that goes better if they can push out a video file to a CDN, so your viewing experience goes better, than if they try to do live video streaming.

So, if you want to be the first in your office to know, you gotta get on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and see where everyone is going to be doing live blogging (I'll be watching all the usual suspects on my multiple screens and trying to share out where the best stuff is).

Or you could just relax, go have a nice breakfast, and look at http://techmeme.com at about noon today for the big news. I expect the whole top half the page will be reports from bloggers.

And, if you just want to avoid the news today, just go do something else for the next six hours. We'll quickly get bored about talking about Apple (I even have some videos ready to go from startups, just to give us something else to talk about tonight).
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