The startup of the future: 955Dreams and its "Band of the Day" app and its three-screen strategy

There are very few startups I'd like to join. Or, if I were like Mike Arrington and had some money, invest in (I don't invest in any startup and I'm quite happy at Rackspace, thank you very much).

955Dreams is one of those companies.

Today they launched a new "Band of the Day" app for iPhones. Soon they will ship this app on three screens: phone, tablet, and TV.

That's the three-screen strategy and it's something you will hear a LOT about over the next few weeks as Apple launches its new TV experiences and phones.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, you should take notes on this company. They are doing beautiful work, have already made deep partnerships with people who are difficult to deal with (more than 40 major music labels have already signed up) and are one of the most diverse engineering teams I've met.

This video is long, about 40 minutes. But don't miss out on the important stuff here, where they demo what's coming after iOS 5 launches: its three-screen strategy where the app will behave quite differently on TV, tablets, or phones.

I love this company. Can I make that any more clear? I wish more Silicon Valley companies were like this one.

What do you think?
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