These stats say it all. They are from my blog this week, when I wrote a post that got repeated lots of places.

Google+: 3,479
Facebook: 3,215 536
Google Reader: 403
Twitter: 401 (Keep in mind I have more than 200,000 followers)
allthingsd: 340
Hacker News: 226 (didn't get onto home page, if it does, this usually goes up to more than 10,000)
Techmeme: 219 (wasn't on the home page, if it does, usually goes up to about 3,000)
Google: 205

You can see the screen shot for more.

Now, some distortions. I haven't blogged much this summer, so people have gotten used to following me on Google+, and I'm

I haven't put much effort into Facebook. Shows just how powerful a traffic driver that is.

But it shows just how quickly Google+ has become a significant driver of traffic for me and how quickly the folks who usually follow me have figured out they can follow my best stuff on Google+.

Of course, I'm affecting these results a bit, because I link from Twitter and Facebook to Google+ so often.

I'm hearing similar things from other bloggers, though, and that is a predictor that more "pro bloggers" will setup shop here, which will drag even more people in here. What you say +Darren Rowse (everyone's favorite "pro blogger"?
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