Yahoo News is seeing huge returns from Facebook's Open Graph, is this the future of Flickr?

Here Mike Kerns, who runs social and personalization at +Yahoo! News talks to me about the effects Yahoo has seen thanks to the inclusion of Open Graph technology from Facebook (AKA "frictionless sharing").

I think this could be the future of Yahoo's strategy. Why? I know this will be an unpopular view here, but you can't ignore the effect that they are seeing "the numbers have beaten all of our expectations," Kerns sees. Over 10 million people joined. 600% increase in traffic from Facebook to Yahoo. Demographic shift: marked increase in users under 30 years old.

These numbers show that this is a strategy that Yahoo should expand on.

By the way, I'm hearing that Open Graph expands on December 15th, which probably also means that the other features Facebook showed off at F8 will ship then too (like Timeline and Ticker).

For those who didn't see the Open Graph video I posted from a visit to Facebook last week to see +Carl Sjogreen(he manages the product team for Facebook's Platform), you should watch that at (you should also see the reaction that video caused over on ).

You might hate this feature, but it's very important to pay attention to so you can, at minimum, explain it to your friends and family.
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