There will be a downside to the Amazon Kindle Fire: It won't run all Android apps

I interviewed one company today that has an awesome Android app (millions of downloads already). They went through and demoed their new thing to me. Made me want to turn in my iPhone and go with the Android, but can't talk about it until next week. Then they pulled out a Samsung Tablet and said "it works here too."

That was all great, until I asked them "what about the Amazon Kindle Fire?"

They said "nope, Amazon is keeping our app from running."


Turns out that Amazon has turned off many APIs that are available on other Android devices, so many Android apps won't run on the Amazon Kindle Fire.

When people talk about "fragmentation" this is what they mean.

It bums me out, but will live with it. After all, it's only $200.

And THAT is why they are gonna sell millions, maybe even more than the iPad is selling.

But that "it isn't full Android" is gonna cause me to have a bad taste in my mouth. What about for you?
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