Why can a little startup do noise filtering right but the big boys can't?

Lately I've been addicted to a new app on my iPhone: +Bradford Cross's Prismatic. Get it at http://getprismatic.com Right now it's for the web or for iPhones. They just got $15 million in funding so expect other platforms to come soon.

But don't miss what this little startup has done: filtered noise very effectively. Much more effectively than even Facebook. I'll be visiting Facebook on Monday and will bring this up with them. Why can Prismatic learn within a few minutes of me first trying it last week what I wanted to see, and then it does a damn awesome job of giving it to me? 

Compare to the noise that comes through Google+, Facebook, or Twitter. This little app is just amazing at the quantity of tech news it finds (that's all I care about, I'm sure if you use it you'll find stuff you care about).

Unfortunately it's pretty tightly integrated with Twitter. Most of the items I read I can retweet, but can't push over here to Google+. Yes, I used the Facebook signon so it learned a lot about what my reading behavior was over there. Shows just how powerful a platform Facebook is for enabling apps like this to learn quickly what you're about. I spent another two hours reading things, adding tags and stuff and playing with the app, but now it's magic.

If you follow me on Prismatic, though, you can see everything I read.

Yes, +Flipboard  has real competition on my iphone now. The quantity of interesting items it brings me is amazing.

Have you tried it yet? Is it as magic for you as it was for me? 

I wish Google+'s feed worked like Prismatic does.
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