SafeShepherd: Defining Safety as a Service

Data-brokers are companies which collect your family's personal information and sell it for people-search, background checks and marketing. SafeShepherd stops that by finding and removing your records online from websites that sell it.

SafeShepherd monitors, removes, and prevents your personal information from being used against you. They engage customers who are concerned about their personal privacy, identity theft, and household security. SafeShepherd offers both a free Basic and a paid Premium service to choose from.

"We remove people's personal information from the web. Over time, a lot of the things that were private have leaked out of social networks, have come from public records and have been scraped, aggregated and are being sold by people search websites, background check websites and some marketing databases. SafeShepherd finds you where ever we can, and then we automate the process of removing you from the companies that are selling your information," says Robert Leshner, CEO & co-founder of SafeShepherd.

SafeShepherd is defining Safety as a Service.

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