WeVideo is yet another demonstration of how EVERYTHING is changing due to cloud, even video editing


Is FinalCut or Avid dead? Well, not quite yet, but you can see where the industry is going by checking out WeVideo. They won the DemoGod award last fall and here I catch up with its CEO +Jostein Svendsen to discover what makes cloud-based video editing special.

Will you use it? I predict you will. We're trying it out here, especially as we shoot more video with cell phones and with teams who need to work together across large distances (part of our team is in Texas, another part of our team is here in California).

What's the main advantage? Collaboration. Now you can edit with other people all at the same time. Very powerful for building videos for Internet distribution.

But this shows a deeper trend: that cloud is taking over EVERYTHING. Now that the world is moving to services such as this one, why again does Apple or Microsoft have power over our operating system choices? They don't.

This system works fine on a wide variety of mobile phones and even tablets.

The future is here, and this is a great demonstration of how EVERYTHING is changing.
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