Heading to Vegas in January for New Media Expo and CES, you in?

Just wanted to get my plans down for the trip to Vegas in a couple of weeks. It's always a big week in our lives. +Sam Levin, +Maryam Scoble, +Rocky Barbanica, and me. Oh, and +Scott Monty arranged for +Ford Motor Company to lend us a C-Max Hybrid for the week. Since both Sam and I are Toyota Prius owners, that should be quite interesting for us to tear apart the C-Max http://www.ford.com/cars/cmax/

The real reason I keep going is the tweet house http://tweet-house.com/y2013/tweet-house-festivities-at-ces-2013/ This year director and producer of the X-Men, among other things, Bryan Singer, will be there. 

Hopefully by the time we come back in 2014 we can start calling this the "G+ House." But that's something for +Vic Gundotra and crew to sort out. There will be lots of Google+ love there too (2013 is the year that I can see totally going Android, mostly because of +Project Glass. Can't wait to get a pair from +Steve Lee and team!)

Anyway, please do come hang out with us at the Tweet House http://tweet-house.com/y2013/tweet-house-festivities-at-ces-2013/

Now, onto NMX. http://nmxlive.com/2013-lv/ That's January 8-10th and I'm on stage a couple of times. 

1. How To Find, Grow, Connect And Influence Your Network, interview with Mitch Joel and Robert Scoble by Dori Clark of Forbes.
2. What's next with social, mobile, and the cloud. Interview with Vala Afshar (Enterasys) and Michael Krigsman.

Will you be at either? Anyone want to walk the CES show floor with us? http://www.cesweb.org/
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