+shel israel and I just spent the day together working on our book "the Age of Context." (All about how businesses will use sensors, wearable computers, big data, social networks, and location to personalize and improve your experience).

Ours might be the first book written using +Guy Kawasaki's new book called "APE" for "Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur." It's an excellent "how to" book that I just got on my Kindle app for those of you who want to self publish your own book. http://www.amazon.com/APE-Publisher-Entrepreneur-How-Publish-ebook/dp/B00AGFU5VS -- get your own copy on Amazon Kindle.

Here Shel and I met Kaitlin Crawford. She does the social media at the +Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay (if you visit that page, she does the awesome photos on it). Funny, though, that she makes her personal page very hard to find on Facebook. We'll get her to show her face more.

Why start with the Ritz? Because they are aggressive users of technology to make the customer experience better. They use +OpenTable and SpaFinder computers so that you can book a table or a spa from your mobile phone. They just got a new iPad and table booking system in the restaurant here, too. It texted my phone when our table was ready. 

Not to mention they make a great latte there and it's very close to my house (if you end up there, give me a call and I'll try to come and meet you -- we're doing an open-to-the public meetup tomorrow afternoon starting at 4 p.m.).

Is your business using context in any real way? We want to hear from you!

Anyone know who makes the iPad app that let them seat us efficiently?

Oh, and +Guy Kawasaki got the photo of me wearing my APE shirt today: https://plus.google.com/112374836634096795698/posts/dtqhZnVtL8J Thanks for the shirt Guy!
December 27, 2012
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