The TV wars

+Ryan Lawler and +Ryan Kim in GigaOm's NewTeeVee blog just wrote "With Motorola, Google TV just got a huge shot in the arm."

When people ask me what I'm excited about in the consumer tech industry, I tell them "Apple TV vs. Google TV." Why? Cause I'm a TV addict and, while I have a bunch of devices hooked up to my TV, like Boxee, Peel, Dijit, Surc, Xbox, Playstation, among others. Too many devices. But one has really captured my interest lately: Apple TV.





No, what the heck is that?

It lets me open the TED app on my iPad, push a button, and switch the video from my iPad to my big-screen TV instantly.


So that is how Apple has taken over my TV.


So, this is why Apple and Google are going to fight over the TV screen next.

Android is winning on cell phones. Apple on tablets. The next battle is what could decide the war.

So, why is this purchase important? Because I just switched to Comcast. What does the neat DVR they installed say on front? Motorola.

In other words, Motorola has relationships with a ton of cable companies around the world through its set-top box arm (and, if I'm reading the press releases properly Motorola's set-top-box arm is included in the mobile division that Google acquired today).



Yeah, boom. Motorola just made Google TV vs. Apple TV THE interesting fight of this time.

So, what's on your TV?

By the way, now you understand how important Apple's stores and integration into BestBuy and Fry's is.


Sony. Playstation doesn't have a chance in a world where Google and Apple own your living room.

Microsoft? Yeah, although if I were in Steve Ballmer's office I would be making deals to shore up Xbox and make sure that Google and Apple don't just do away with the need for it (they are in a stronger position than Sony, but are not unbeatable, so they need to build out their TV ecosystem much more strongly than it currently is).

The question is, what is Apple cooking. I've heard rumors from many places, both personally, and online, that Apple is cooking something that looks like DirectTV albeit without the dish. Imagine that kind of world where you watch all your TV through your AppleTV and your iPad or iPhone. That's pretty damn cool and I'm sure it's part of the motivation for Google to get Motorola.

Good post guys, you nailed the next battle and it's gonna be a fun one to watch.
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