I finally blocked my Facebook comments, here's why and what it might mean to Google+

I just announced at https://www.facebook.com/RobertScoble/posts/10150617675054655 that I'm only letting friends and friends of friends comment on my Facebook posts. This greatly pains me, because I believe in being open but I was getting dozens of idiotic comments. Most of which were spam, or single word nonsensical answers.

So far that problem hasn't shown up here on Google+. But I'm worried that it will, someday, as more and more people show up here and realize that Google+ is important for traffic and SEO.

One thing, though. Google+ makes it a lot easier and nicer to report and delete spammers and low-quality commenters than Facebook does.

One thing that I'm hoping for is a "comment nuke." +Vic Gundotra said that's coming. What would this do? If you post spam on 20 of my posts (that frequently was happening over on Facebook and once in a while here) all I would need to do is push a button and all your comments would be deleted from my posts. That would be dramatically better than Facebook. Yes, that gives us a lot of power, but, really, we need that power to keep this place free of spam and bad actors.

Otherwise I'll just do here what I did this morning on Facebook: make it so only people I trust can comment and that would be a loss for everyone.
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