Dijit's new TV guide rocks my world

NextGuide just came to the Web, announced this morning, and it's still my favorite guide for finding TV programs. Listen into CEO +Jeremy Toeman talking about it.

NextGuide Web: http://nextguide.tv/


NextGuide.TV is a new site that lets any TV or movie lover have a single destination that provides: all-in-one search (live TV plus Netflix, Amazon, Hulu Plus, and iTunes), a universal watchlist, one-click DVR recordings, automatic "never miss an episode" reminders, and easy social TV sharing. Think Pinterest meets Evernote meets TV Guide - it's really easy, really beautifully designed, and also (and most importantly) - really useful!

"NextGuide.TV is the easiest way for people to keep track of great shows they want to watch, easily get reminders for new airings on live or streaming services, and share their recommendations and social TV profile with their friends," said Jeremy Toeman, CEO of Dijit Media - the makers of NextGuide. The site is now live in a public beta test, so go on in explore, find your favorite shows and movies, set a few reminders, and enjoy!
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