First CES report: new tablets and other gadgets mostly draw yawns

You know things are boring at CES when +Sascha Pallenberg meets you in the front lobby of the Venetian leaving an event that just started. He said there wasn't much exciting. I went anyway and he's right. Lenovo had a new TV. Yawn. New AR.Drone is mondo cool, but really if that's the most interesting gadget on the first evening things aren't going well.

OK, Toshiba has the world's thinnest tablet, below is a first look. It's pretty cool, but Sascha said it actually was first introduced in Europe and is running an old version of Android, not the latest ice cream sandwich stuff (yet) and, at estimated price of $500 isn't going to convince many people that a serious iPad competitor is here. That said, it shows that Apple is being matched by quite a few producers, from Visio (we'll get a good look at their new laptops and desktop machines Thursday) to Toshiba, who has the iPad hardware more than matched with this effort. Here I get a good look.

More to come but so far we're waiting for the really killer device.

Business Insider was impressed, though:

So was Mashable:

And so was Techcrunch:

Are the tech press too easy to please? You decide.

In the meantime +Dave Besbris is right, the CES stream here on Google+ is one of the best to watch all the news from CES:
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