Great list of apps to bring to SXSW. I just interviewed Glancee's founder, and that one, or Highlight, or both, will be very hot as well (see the comments on Barry's original post). Got any apps to add?

I'm working on an article for +The Next Web about this topic, and will have more apps to add to it by the end of the week.

By the way, I know of several new apps coming around March 1. If you have an app coming out that will be hot with the SXSW crowd please email me
Crossposting my list of apps that +SXSW attendees should use to either connect or discover things (parties/food/etc) around Austin.


Social Sharing/Discovery
* foursquare ( [All platforms]
* sonar ( [iOS]
* foodspotting ( [iOS/Windows Phone/Android/Blackberry]
* forkly ( [iOS]
* Path ( [iOS/Android]
* Localmind ( [iOS and also iPad]
* The usual Twitter/Google+/Facebook

* Hashable ( [iOS / Android]
* Cardmunch ( [iOS]
* Eventbrite [iOS/Android]

* Instagram ( [iOS]

Group Messaging
* Yobongo ( [iOS]
* Google+ Huddle [iOS/Android]

feel free to suggest more

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