Google+'s huge week starts with Flipboard

My favorite way to read the social web is Flipboard. This is why I've been here less and less lately over the past few months and have moved a lot of my energy over to Facebook, which is available there.

This is the beginning of a real API. One that can write and read.

Why isn't this API open to all developers? Because Google doesn't yet have good noise controls and is wanting to make sure they build their social garden stage-by-stage and not be forced later to piss off developers because they need to change their API to protect the user experience here.

He also announced that Google+ will never include advertising. Never is a long time, but it's clear that they want to provide the industry-leading user experience.

Why do I like Flipboard so much? Because it -- for me -- is the best way to read the social web. It lets me go through my thousands of people that I've followed, subscribed to, or circled in a much faster way.

Flipboard now lets us see Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Soundcloud and other social networks. 

What Google+ just did is make Flipboard dramatically more important to me, but also made Flipboard the king maker. 

This is HUGE.
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