Google should buy Pearltrees to continue the circling metaphor and let us curate content in a new way. Check out this exclusive look at their new iPad app, just released.

Exclusive first look: Pearltrees iPad app enables new kind of content curation

How do you save and share the web with other people? Pearltrees has a new idea: you put your favorite Google+ posts, photos, tweets, videos, blogs, and other things on the Web into a "pearl" and then arrange these into "trees." That was OK on a normal computer, but when you get the touch capabilities of tablets it's transformative, especially as a way to find new interests.

Imagine if Google+ were laid out in such a way. This is awesome and I'll be using it a lot now.

Here's an exclusive video look at this new app with CEO +Patrice Lamothe.

A very interesting French company. They are headquartered in Paris. We filmed this at the Ritz in Half Moon Bay where +Oliver Starr and Patrice visited me and showed it to me for the first time last week.
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