Two new real-time iOS apps that are mind-blowing to watch

OK, earlier tonight I talked about how the cool apps are coming out on iOS first. Here's another two examples: Teleportd, a real-time photo viewer. StreamBoard, a real-time Twitter display for iOS.

What do these do?

The first, Teleportd, brings in photos from a certain location and displays them in real time. I used this at LeWeb last week and photo after photo streamed down my iPhone's screen as I watched. We tested it out, too. Posting a new photo using Instagram took only a few seconds to show up. I met the developers behind this app last week and they have even more planned. The service is built using Node.js and lets them do all sorts of fun real time things. More on them in a couple of weeks when we get the video we shot with them up. Get it at

The second, StreamBoard, simply lets you search for something, like "apps" and watch all the tweets stream down the screen without touching the UI. I love the entertainment value here, although I wish I could get rid of spam here. There are some interesting advanced search features on this app (you can set how many followers a Tweeter must have before she gets displayed, for instance, or display tweets only from a specific location). Get it at

Sorry, not on other OS's yet. Do you have other real-time app examples on any platforms? Let us know here.
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