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California Poppy

Spring is orange!

Taken with my Pixel phone, Aukey Macro lens, minimal processing.


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Using a MOVO LV1 Lavalier Microphone with a Chromebook?

I'm wondering whether any of you have gotten the MOVO LV1 mic to work with your Chromebook.

I have it working fine with my Pixel phone (using OFF/Smartphone mode) and with my Mac Power Book (using Camera mode and the SPK adapter).

But I can't seem to get my Chromebook to recognize it as an external mic.

I have a cheap Logitech USB mic that does work with the Chromebook just fine, but I was hoping that the LV1 could be my mic for everything.

When I plug in the LV1 mic into the mic/headphone jack, it's being detected as headphones, rather than a microphone.

I believe have tried all the setting combinations:
> Microphone set to "Camera" (powered) or set to OFF/Smartphone
> Microphone plugged in directly, or plugged into the adapter (both "Mic" and "SPK")

What I'm hoping to know is if there is any chance the microphone should work, and, if so, what I can try to troubleshoot.

If the answer is "it's not compatible" then that's fine too :)

Chromebook details:

ASUS Flip C100PA
56.0.2924.110 (Official Build) (32-bit)

Mic Specs:

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Turn the beet around...

Golden beets roasted and sliced.

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The perfect 🎄!

This is a photo of me "helping" my dad with a freshly cut Christmas tree (1970ish). It looks like I approve of the choice!

Happy Holidays!


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My top 9 Instagram images in 2016


Get yours:

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Old-fashioned genetically engineered candy

It was a little surprising to see tins of Washburn's Old Fashioned Hard Candy with a "Partially made with genetic engineering" label.

The company website doesn't have any more details, but it's most likely the corn used to make the corn syrup. (The only ingredients are sugar, corn syrup, flavors and dye).

Washburn's has been making candy in Brockton, Massachusetts since 1856.

There has been a strong push for mandatory labelling of GMO ingredients in New England states, so it's probably easiest for companies there to label all their products, even when being shipped out of the region.

Do I think it's a big deal? Nope..

About 90% of all corn grown in the United States genetically modified. If you eat any food with corn syrup, it's likely been made with GM corn.

There's no evidence the genetic modifications affect human health. I do think corn syrup and other sugars are too widely used in processed foods, but in candy it seems appropriate.

My grandma always had a little dish of these hard candies for visitors, so we bought a tin for old times sake.

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Monarch butterflies

Monarch butterflies overwinter in the eucalyptus grove at Ardenwood Historic Farm through February.

This photo was taken through a small telescope - the clusters of butterflies were too high up in the trees to see the details.

More info:


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Monarch in waiting

Monarch butterfly caterpillar on milkweed, just looking for a place to pupate.

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