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This morning, my brother came in my room to find me crying about the Daniel Kyre events.
He, being the jerk he is, said “Why would you cry about someone you don’t even know? Its stupid.”

I was immediately angry at him, but he did make me think. Why do we laugh when Mark laughs? Why do we cry when Mark cries? After all, this is a person that most of us have never actually met, a person who has probably never said a word meant for you and you alone.
So why do we feel grievance for him?

I’ve probably watched over 1000 hours of Markiplier and Cyndago. Thats over 40 days of youtube videos. Having watched someone for this long, you tend to see their personality, their hopes and dreams, their fears and hates. You get a personal connection with them.

You get to know them.

We know this person. We’ve been with him through the good and bad times. We’ve helped him when he was in the hospital, and we’ve celebrated with him when he reached subscriber milestones. We’ve sent him presents, and we’ve helped him help others.

We know this is a human being. We know this isn’t fake.

So brother, if you ever read this, I want you to think, for once in your lifetime, think.

Do I truly know this person?

The answer?

Of course I do.

-Patten T. Zitting
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WTO has shown that Donald Trump is a horrendous virus to catch. It is highly contagious. If you find yourself expressing an unnecessary hatred for humanity, foreigners, religion, race and Obama and an undeserved desire for more power and corruption, diabolical plans to initiate wars with more countries then please get yourself checked out for Donald Trump.

Many citizens have already fallen victim to this virus. We will quote one lost patient "like the joker from the Dark Knight, I just want to see the world burn"
Let us look at another delusional woman "Donald Trump, make America great again"

Please save yourself from catching this horrific virus. 
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