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Something I have been pondering. In our constitution there is that bit about religious freedom, so wouldn't it be unconstitutional to tell us that we can't say Merry Christmas? And why is someone saying Merry Christmas to a non Christian so offensive. If someone say Happy Hanukkah to me I wouldn't be all up in arms, or Merry Kwanzaa, or Happy Ramadan. The point of saying Merry Christmas isn't about forcing religious views on others, at least for me it's not. It's to wish the joy that I feel surrounding the holiday on others. It's a season of joy, and for me that's best expressed as Merry Christmas. Seasons Greetings isn't joyful... it's blah. I mean yay, I got greetings... what does that mean... seasons hello?
Religious Freedom... stop treading on my rights people.

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Trying out the new google + company pages. So far, I love the simplicity of it compared with facebook.

New feature discovered.... on your google bar, where the little red 1 shows up if you have a comment or something new to look at.. if the new thing is someone commenting on something you commented on, you can comment back right in the notification window... you don't even have to navigate to the site.
How easy, simple, and wonderful is that.
Google + is social media simplified.

I think I have discovered the prime advantage that google + has... top of mind... it's part of google.. when you use google, it's there... on the right hand side with alerts and accessibility... and sharing options. When your social media is integrated in most of what you do out on the web... it's more likely that you integrate it into your daily activities, then having to change your pattern and visit a specific dedicated site.
I had almost forgotten about Google+ until I noticed the little red number on the top right hand side of my screen.. and bam, here I am back posting on my stream again.
Great Idea Google
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