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Vaishnava Gypsy
Writing keeps me sane & insane
Writing keeps me sane & insane


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My blog post, check it out

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  Its been 5 years
since I have ardently pursued hindi movies, if anything comes my way I will
just watch it and frankly speaking my opinion of the B’wood industry had gone
drastically down due to its unnecessary skin show which in no way relates to
the mov...

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கதைக்கான இசை
சமீபத்தில் இசையமைப்பாளர்கள் யாரும் பெரியதாக என்னை ஈர்க்கவில்லை, நான் பெரிய
இசை மேதையோ இன்றி ஞானம் படைத்தவளோ இல்லை, இருந்தாலும் நல்லதொரு இசையை ரசிக்கப்
பிடிக்கும், சமீபத்தில் சிறிதே சிறியதாய் என்னை ஈர்த்தது சந்தோஷ் நாராயணனின்
பின்னணி இசை, திரும்பவும் சொல்லுக...

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Dan brown!

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The Da vinci code- Alien world entrance
Dan brown's the da vinci code enthralls you with its deep core knowledge of the holy grail, Christianity and how the world had always made sure that the reality was kept hidden under or be called as an asylum where in the dominance based fabricated facts ar...

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Rock Fest - 40th Green walk!
40 th green walk has been a success,
there is a feel of profound satisfaction, fulfillment of expectations. Invitations has been sent out, every one was
waiting to meet everyone, some are very new to the green walk family, their curiosities
were unlimited A...

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40th Green walk - Rock Festival
40 th Green walk rock festival has been
successfully completed, It happened like a fast paced thriller movie with
unbelievable interruptions. I dare say, I enjoyed it a lot because of those interruptions
which had happened. Court judgment interfered, blissf...

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